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How much does it cost to get my hair colored at a salon? How much is a Balayage?

How much will it cost? The age old question we stylists hear everyday. To be honest, it all depends. First, which stylist are you seeing? Most salon's are on level systems. The stylist that has the most demand usually will charge the most. Whereas a stylist with less demand on their time will be slightly lower. Keep in mind that calling the salon, will help us find the perfect stylist for you. Looking at a webpage can give you an idea, but our team will give you a better idea. Keep reading....

Second, What service do you need? Let's take a Balayage color service as an example. A typical Balayage service demands up to 3 hours of time. Maybe more. Why? It depends on how long your hair is. How much hair (density) you have. What level of lightness/darkness starting color you have. What color you want to achieve. All that defines how much decolorizer we need to lift your existing color. It also defines if we need to use a toner. *Please note that every Balayage service usually requires a toner 90% of the time. Why? The law of physics. We can't guarantee that your color will lift to the desired tone. In fact the darker your hair the more warmth (orange, brass) you will pull. And if you want a cool toned balayage lightness, we have to tone. And that adds another service, time and cost. And...If you want to change your base color or cover your grays with your balayage service that will add more time, product and more cost to your service. Keep in mind that this is all explained during your consultation.

Third. Let's look at a simple single process zone 1/base/root touch-up. During your consultation we notice that your zones 2&3 (mid-shaft and ends) seem faded. In order to keep your color balanced we will suggest a Demi-permanent gloss/toner on those zones. The gloss/toner will equalize your those zones with your base color and add major shine. That of course will be an extra service, time and cost. Remember we are trained to keep your hair in optimal shape. Not suggesting or offering these little corrections are a disservice to you. Image your doctor tells you that you need surgery and doesn't suggest any options, methods or preventions? You'd be running for the door right?

We hope this helps clarify why we love when you call for pricing or schedule a consultation. We get to know your needs better and we make that human contact. Call today (215)643-5206

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