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Why is my hair so dry in the winter?

Winter means skiing and snowboarding for some people. For others it means dry hair. The lack of humidity in the air can dry-out your already moisture lacking hair. Have no fear we have a solution. People with forced hot air heating can add a whole house humidifier to the ductwork. A handyman or Certified HVAC technician can help. If that is not possible, adding a table top humidifier will help as well. The humidifier will add the necessary back into the air and will (over time) add some moisture to your hair. Becareful, adding too much humidity can create mold. So you'll need to have a digital humidity and temperature monitor (found at Lowes or Home Depot). 15% to 35% humidity will actually make your home feel warmer and you'll get less static zaps.

In the winter, using a deep conditioning mask like the Davines Chronicles once a week helps retain moisture. During winter months you may have to condition your hair more often. You could also add a 30 Minute Redken Shades Eq Customized conditioning glass treatment to your next service. Shades Eq will close the cuticle and help maintain moisture. Combine it with an in-salon conditioning treatment like the Redken ABC treatment will control it more. Talk to your stylist about other treatments to help with dry hair.

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