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Our Services

    Glam Hair Studio is a Level Based Commissioned Salon. Each service provider's level corresponds with their demands on their time. All of our Service Providers are Licensed Cosmetologists trained to Davines, Redken, Pulp Riot Color and their Haircare Products.

    Glam Hair Studio is a small and friendly salon that believes that our guest deserve the best in hair maintenance. We believe that every guest is treated with respect and gratitude.

    We are grateful for all those who step into our salon. We feel that Core Values and Culture drives a business. We feel that you are more than a client, you are our guest. Our vision is for you to feel part of our family.
Cancellation Policy: Please give us 24-48 hours notice for any cancellations.

      While we can post some prices, it's best you call for a pricing or to schedule a consultation. Seriously...we are some of the nicest people you'll meet.
Some prices may vary according to Stylist and extra services you may need.
 ...we do explain pricing up front. Call 215-643-5206
Click Here before you look at our prices
  • Haircuts Start at $53 to $64

  • Single Process/Root Touch-Up(ends refresh not included...thats a different formula) Starts at $62 to $71

  • Gloss/Toner Start at $62 to $71

  • Full Highlights (gloss/toner not included) Start at $96 to $126

  • Partial Highlights (gloss/toner not included) Start at $78 to $96

  • Balayage (gloss/toner not included) This pricing requires a lot of explanation. Please call the salon for pricing...don't worry we don't bite.  

  • Perms Start at $96 and price may vary depending on length of hair.

  • Keratin Treatments Start at $260 and may cost more depending on hair density and length. To put it in a nice way, the more hair you have the more product and time is required.

  • Extensions-Pricing determined at in-person consultation only. This isn't a cut and dry pricing pun intended...okay maybe a little. 



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